Alma - Pausa & Relax tisana Eco in pyramid

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15 u.
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Alma - Pausa & Relax tisana Eco in pyramid is available to buy in increments of 1

Alma Pausa & Relax - A pleasant flavor and a citrus perfume, this organical tisane will favor us to achieve a better relaxation.
Ingredients: passionflower leaves, melissa leaves, chamomile flowers, licorice, star anise fruit, lime flowers, sweet orange essential oil. Without theine.
Gluten free Product suitable for vegans.

Preparation: Pour 100 ml of water into a cup, add the Alma pyramid and warm it in 4 to 5 minutes.

- In boxes of 15 units.
- Without theine.
- Infusion ecological in pyramid.
- Weight 30 gr.

* Infusions, teas and teas packed in pyramids of Alma Teas & Herbal infusions are products free of components of animal origin.
* The pyramid is 100% biodegradable, with sealed thermally and with ultrasound, without the use of adhesives and without EPICLORHIDRINA. So much the silk, the thread, the ink, as the paper disintegrate naturally 100%. Within 1 month, low compost and soil with a temperature of 50 ° C and humidity of 80%, it is transformed into water and CO2.