1. Coffee prevents Coronavirus

    Coffee prevents Coronavirus A recent study from Northwestern University has investigated various foods to find out if they can protect against Covid-19.The researchers analyzed "the association between specific dietary data and the incidence of COVID-19 in the UK Biobank (UKB)." 40,000 records of adults were analyzed and referenced dietary factors such as food intake (oily Read more...
  2. Plant the seeds of a sustainable future

    Plant the seeds of a sustainable future Generational sustainable coffeeStuart comes from Uganda, there he has his family and his roots. He is a student in the Lavazza sponsored coffee study program and is involved in local production processes. In Uganda, she often accompanies her grandmother to plantations that are usually located on the plains. There the cultivation of coffee is still Read more...
  3. Lavazza calendar 2021 "Explore the new Humanity"

     Lavazza calendar 2021 The Lavazza 2021 calendar is revealed to the public through the words of its protagonists, in an event that has to do with the New Humanity: with this project Lavazza tries to build a bridge between people, bringing them together through art as a universal language, able to speak directly to everyone's heart.The actor Pierfrancesco Favino is the Read more...
  4. Lavazza coffee new jet fuel KLM

    Lavazza coffee new jet fuel KLM Lavazza, the Italian coffee company, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines signed an agreement whereby the coffee company adheres to the Dutch airline's biofuel program. The goal is to provide enough organic material to be able to produce the fuel to operate the aircraft. These remains, in this case coffee growers, reduce pollution by 85 percent in relation Read more...
  5. Recipe for a good coffee Padovano

    Recipe for a good coffee Padovano

    In this specialty the sweet and cold mint is mixed harmonically with the bitter and hot espresso. A sprinkled final bitter cocoa completes the work

  6. Noodle Recipe with Lavazza Coffee

    Noodle Recipe with Lavazza Coffee

    A simple, authentic and original dish

  7. "We are what we live" new calendar LavAzza 2017


  8. New compostable capsula

    New compostable capsula

    Lavazza commitment to the environment with recyclable and compostable capsule

  9. Curiosities about coffee

    Curiosities about coffee

    About coffee have heard a lot of talk about whether it is harmful to our health but the truth is that it has properties that benefit us and improve our productivity

  10. ¿Arabica or robusta?

    ¿Arabica or robusta?

    While most people take a coffee regularly, it is also true that many of us do not really know the difference arabica or robusta coffee. Two coffees that come from different places and make their taste and aroma are unequal distinctive palate


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