1. Recipe for a good coffee Padovano

    Recipe for a good coffee Padovano

    In this specialty the sweet and cold mint is mixed harmonically with the bitter and hot espresso. A sprinkled final bitter cocoa completes the work

  2. Noodle Recipe with Lavazza Coffee

    Noodle Recipe with Lavazza Coffee

    A simple, authentic and original dish

  3. "We are what we live" new calendar LavAzza 2017


  4. New compostable capsula

    New compostable capsula

    Lavazza commitment to the environment with recyclable and compostable capsule

  5. Curiosities about coffee

    Curiosities about coffee

    About coffee have heard a lot of talk about whether it is harmful to our health but the truth is that it has properties that benefit us and improve our productivity

  6. ¿Arabica or robusta?

    ¿Arabica or robusta?

    While most people take a coffee regularly, it is also true that many of us do not really know the difference arabica or robusta coffee. Two coffees that come from different places and make their taste and aroma are unequal distinctive palate

  7. Lavazza expands its presence in Australia

    Lavazza expands its presence in Australia From 18 to 31 January is celebrated the 2016 Australia Open, the first Grand Slam of the season. Lavazza is associated with the four tennis Grand Slams: the Australia Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open.Lavazza becomes the first partner of food and beverages in the world to sponsor these tournaments.It will at the Open de Australia, Read more...
  8. FROM FATHER TO SON - Lavazza Calendar 2016

    FROM FATHER TO SON  - Lavazza Calendar 2016   Lavazza calendar designed in collaboration with Slow Food to celebrate the relationship between people and the land for generations. This time the photographer was a young Canadian Joseph Anthony Lawrence, better known as Joey L., used as protagonists representatives of a new generation of #EarthDefenders.Parents teach their children values Read more...
  9. Moka recipe Crostata

    Moka recipe Crostata The Crostata Moka is a sweet tasty and easy to prepare that unites traditional pastry consistency and strong flavor of the ganache cream. Perfect for breakfast and lunch. Ingredients (serves 6) - 60 ml coffee Lavazza- 25 grams sugar- 3 eggs- 60 ml cream- Chocolate fondant 125 gr 50%- 100 g flour- 20 g cacao- 75g butter- Vanillin- Lemon Read more...
  10. Lavazza and Slow Food

    Lavazza and Slow Food Tlaola -Mexico - Dali Nolasco Cruz Since 1996, Lavazza and Slow Food work together to spread a food culture based on quality and attention to the sustainability of the production process. A shared vision that in recent years has resulted in a series of initiatives to support small farming communities of the world in carrying out development Read more...

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