Recipe for a good coffee Padovano

Recipe for a good coffee Padovano

In this specialty the sweet and cold mint is mixed harmonically with the bitter and hot espresso. A sprinkled final bitter cocoa completes the work.


INGREDIENTS for 1 person:

  •      1 espresso
  •      20 ml milk
  •      70 ml liquid cream
  •      30 ml mint syrup
  •      cocoa

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: very low.

Prepare an espresso in a cup of cappuccino (we recommend preparing this recipe with the espresso).
Add 60 ml of cream of milk to the mint.
Sprinkle gently with bitter cocoa.

Preparation of the cream of milk to the mint (for 2 portions):
Pour the whole cold milk into a large bowl.
Add cream, milk and mint syrup.
Mix the mixture with the electric rod mixer until a smooth cream is obtained.