Terms of use

1. General conditions of purchase and acceptance

These general conditions of purchase (hereinafter, the "Terms of trade") govern the purchase, through the website, espressoblue.com by Espressoblue customers of products offered through the web.

To make purchases in the store that the customer will need to register or have registered as a user of the website and accept these Terms and Conditions of Purchase.
The identification data of the store manager are listed below:

Espresso Blue S.L.
Garreta Way Street, 79
The Valldan Industrial
08600 Berga (Barcelona)
NIF. B-64074628

Acceptance of Terms of trade mean the express, full and unreserved all the Terms of Use as published by Espresso Blue at the time of the Customer's access to the store version acceptance. In the event that you disagree with the content of these General Conditions of Sale, you should not shop at the store.

2. Nature of the store

As a customer, you declare to be of age and have the legal capacity to be bound by these Terms of trade to contract with Espressoblue Notwithstanding this, you agree, expressly and without exception, that access and use of the store takes place under their sole responsibility.
EspressoBlue reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the presentation and layout of the store and suspend access to it temporarily or permanently.

3. Operation of virtual store

3.1. Up in store

If this is your first time accessing the store and want to purchase, Customer must necessarily fill in that you can access through the "My Account" or "Login" button and then "Create Account" registration form. From that point, the client will become store.

The access codes (username and password) are personal and not transferable, remain the obligation of the Customer to ensure safekeeping, appropriateness and integrity. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for the choice, loss, theft or unauthorized use of any password or identification code and the consequences that may arise.
In any case the Customer may view and modify data by using the "My Account.". Through this option, the Customer may also enable / disable the ability to receive "Promotions Bulletins" with information on Espressoblue (discounts, news, ...).

3.2. Assortment and pricing application

Espressoblue offers a wide and varied range of products from a computer that the Customer can purchase coffee products without scrolling.
Espressoblue guarantees the price of the day you made the purchase, regardless of the date on which delivery is made, so that the client can take advantage of all the offers available at the time of placing orders, notwithstanding that, at the time of delivery, such bids may not be current.
Espressoblue reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, prices of products, and to suspend or cancel the sale temporarily or permanently.

Espressoblue informs you that all the shop prices shown do not include value added tax (VAT).
Purchases made by the taxable persons (Companies, institutions, organizations ...) residing in the EU and intra NIF endowed, shall be exempt from paying VAT.
The geographical areas the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. be exempt from I.V.A.
The costs of customs duties are paid by the customer.
The purchasing system is subjected to the legislation in Spain, so the sales transactions are effected in the home: Garreta Road, 79 - Pol. Ind. La Valldan, 08600 Berga (Barcelona - Spain).

3.3. Prepare and receive orders

Espressoblue guarantees the existence of all products offered in the store, though, can not guarantee the timely availability of data for all clients and in the volumes required by them at the time of ordering.

3.4. Form and delivery

  • Spain (Peninsula), Balearic Islands and Portugal: Delivery by courier of 24/48/72h. depending on the destination.

Espressoblue does not assume any responsibility for late delivery of orders where such delays are not directly attributable to Espressoblue or in cases of force majeure under the terms and conditions provided in the General Conditions of Purchase.

To collect sufficient orders to show us your ID, and let us know the number that will be aimed at Espressoblue your order, so that Espressoblue can identify that this number corresponds to the client who hired the order.

As provided in Article 44 and following of Law 7/96 of January 15, Retail Trade Management, the client will have a term of up to 7 business days to cancel the contract, whether for claims or returns, without penalty charge, but bear the direct cost of returning the product to Espresso Blue. These rights may be exercised, subject to the provisions of Law 23/2003 of 10 July, warranty on the sale of consumer goods.

3.5. Payment

By credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
Immediate payment fully secure transaction and validated by your bank.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order with the transaction number.

By bank transfer
You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order with the account number in which the bank transfer made payable to Espressoblue.
It is very important to indicate the order number and your full name. Will not be considered and no order shall supply up to find that the entry has been made.
With this option you can transfer the order amount from your bank or making an income also stop from the same bank that Espressoblue.
If you have not made payment for 15 days will be canceled and annulled by the order.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order with the transaction number.
Espresso Blue Customer guarantees total security of your transactions, to have the latest technological standards at the time of operation of the store, in terms of protocols and security services:
Espresso Blue informs you that the best guarantee for their safety as a client, has reached an agreement with InstantSSL society., Dedicated to the implementation of technological systems security in electronic transactions and in particular those occurring on the Internet.
We inform you that the information will be saved orders. You can view the products acquired in his last orders.

3.6. Confidentiality and security

Espressoblue maintains a policy of confidentiality of data provided by its customers, pledging to protect the personal data of customers shop online. Data protection extends to all matters relating to the collection and use of information provided through the web.
In this sense, Espressoblue warrants, under the terms established in Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), to treat confidentially the personal data and the server which store and process such data has the necessary security measures to prevent access to such data by unauthorized third parties.

4. Documentary confirmation of the contract concluded

Espressoblue will send once expressly accepted these General Conditions of Purchase, justification of the contract concluded with all its terms, electronically via email.

5. Force Majeure

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions shall mean acts of God, by way of example but not limitation:

  • Any event no unforeseeable negligent, or foreseen or foreseeable, is unavoidable,
  • The failure to access to different web pages,
  • Faults in the mains supply or telephone
  • Damage caused by third parties or server attacks (viruses) that affect the quality of services and not attributable either Blue or Espresso Customer,
  • Failures in the transmission, distribution, storage, or disposal to others of the products and other Web content,
  • Problems or errors in the reception or access to the store by such third parties,
  • Fire,
  • Floods or earthquakes,
  • Strikes or labor disputes or other social disorders that prevent the supply of products and therefore compliance with the obligations assumed by Espressoblue,
  • Shortage or unavailability of fuel or electricity,
  • Accidents,
  • War,
  • Trade embargoes or otherwise,
  • Locks,
  • Unrest, or by reason of any government regulation.

6. Law and Jurisdiction

The General Conditions of Purchase shall be construed and governed in accordance with Spanish law.
For any dispute arising out of the existence, access, use or content of the General Conditions of Purchase, both Customer and Espressoblue, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts Courts and Berga (Barcelona).

7. Warranty

7.1. The warranty is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the invoice.

7.2. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase as detailed on the invoice and only covers the cost of repair or replacement.

7.3. excludes all costs associated with transportation.

7.4. The products and parts replaced by Espressoblue., In the warranty are their exclusive property. The services provided in the warranty does not extend its effects.

7.5. The warranty period starts from the date of invoice Espresso Blue, can not be extended under any circumstances by replacing a component in a repair or replacement.

7.6. The repair of machinery and parts and pieces that we are responsible for the security is performed in our facilities located in Berga (Spain) and will be held at the time our technical support deemed necessary and sufficient.

7.7. The loss or damage in transit is not the responsibility of Espressoblue.

8. Cancellation of guarantees

8.1. The incorrect use, handling or maintenance by the Customer of a machine or component.

8.2. Incorrect repair, modification or extension of the machine by any person not authorized by Espressoblue.

8.3. not accept any damaged material with insufficient packaging, without packaging or with visible evidence of improper handling.

8.4. Excluded from any warranty defects and damage caused by water or external events, accidents, electrical accidents mainly due to wear and misuse.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us on +34 938 223 057 or e-mail our info@espressoblue.com

The acceptance of these Terms of trade by the Customer is compulsory prerequisite for eligibility and service the online store. The Customer declares under its responsibility that you have read the Terms of Use of Portal, and fully accept them.